Educate. Incubate. Accelerate.

NY HempLab is a hemp industry incubator.

We are a registered 501(c)(3), independent industry organization, that will offer services to help build a thriving cannabis industry in New York, starting with hemp.


Our goal is to help accelerate sustainable industry growth. We are here to help individuals, businesses & academia find their passion and place in the world of hemp.  

We will serve our community in three critically important ways:

1. EducaTE

We aspire to create comprehensive education and training program, providing real world experience and hands on learning to the leaders and workers of tomorrow. 


With an emphasis on accessibility and inclusivity our programs will ensure that our region is prepared for the industry.


Our network of hemp industry experts can provide guidance on a wide range of topics.

Members can take advantage of their knowledge through office hours, mentoring programs and shared services.

3. accelerate

Our platform will help drive industry growth by helping connect businesses and individuals to the tools and resources they need to scale. 

Whether it be a networking event, or helping prepare your organization for funding, we are here to help drive the industry forward.  

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HempLab is powered by our Premium Members. Their contributions ensure that HempLab can continue serve the community.

We thank you Harris Beach PLLC!


New York is uniquely positioned to develop a successful hemp economy. 

Lets talk about how we can build it together.  Subscribe today:  

HempLab Inc.

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